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Welcome to Chelet Safaris Cameroon: Company specialized in Bongo, Eland Lord Derby and Western African Trophies. Owned and operated by Chelet family and supported by a great team. We are hunters and we offer an authentic hunting experience.
Chelet Safaris is a specialized hunting company. We offer with many guarantees, two of the most complicated antilopes in their hunting: Lord Derby Eland and the Bongo.
We have an effective program of anti-poaching to preserve the areas, and also we work to make sustainable the areas. The hunting also benefices the villages population located in our concessions and we work to improve their life conditions.  
We provide Bongo and Lord Derby to the most prestigious Booking companies in the USA.


Rain Forest Bongo

Lord Derby Savanna

There are 3 hunting areas in the rain forest (305.000 hect. (754.000 Acres). All of them with direct boundary of the true sanctuary of bongos, buffaloes, sitatungas and some protected species such as chimpanzee and gorillas, which are in the National Park of Lobeke. (UNESCO)




With the incorporation of prestigious direct collaborators in Africa such as: Franz Coupé, Martin Neuper, Hancke Hudson, Vincent Citerne, Douglas Stephenson, and other great PH of Africa, and thanking all of them for their true passion in hunting and experience, we are preparing, with a great investment in conservation, season 2020.
The new camp, zone 28 in Lokomo, next to the Lobeke National Park, built in a luxury format, and with a magnificent and historic hunting area, we increase the hunting capacity. On the other hand, with this large area of land, we increase the possibilities of obtaining great trophies.
This year we are opening an office in the United States, for a better and more agile communication with the hunters. We will give you the coordinates soon. As always, thank all the hunters and friends for their help and wish you all good hunting.

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Rain Forest: 
Safaris Chelet has 3 exclusive hunting areas in the Southwestermn part of Cameroun. The hunting area is border with the Lobeke Park for 30 mi. The nearest town is Moulondou 43 mi away. These concessions are known as one of the best areas for bongo and also Sitatunga. Dwarf forest buffalo, elephant and duikers.
There are more than 211 tree species in these areas belonging to 47 different families among which are sapeli, iroko, sipo, assamela, azobe and ayous.  
KOUROUK is located between two National Parcs La Bénoué y Bouba Ndjida, with 146.912 Ha (363.026 Acre hunting surface)
Historical Cameroon's zone with magnific mountains views and valleys riches on vegetation for Lord Derby Eland. We combine Kourouk with the Mana area 46.000 Ha. (113.668,3 acre) direct limited with Faro Parc. This combination of territories is the best hunts in Cameroon. You and your companions will be one of the most iconic hunts of Africa, superbly equipped with traditional accommodation.
 Our priority is the conservation of nature:
Safaris Chelet In order to support an effective tear-round anti-poaching campaign, as well as for advocating the value of wildlife to the villagers adjacent to and within our hunting blocks in Cameroon, a fee of 15% of the above trophy fees will be collected to find these programs under our direct supervision. We have implemented these programs in all our hunting areas (Bongo and Eland) and have found that the results of direct funding for these necessary actions have been extremely beneficial in the overall quality of the hunting experience offered to our clients. 



Pepe Chelet


PH and Managing Director



Marza Chelet

PH Director Savanna

and Rain Forest


Jose Chelet


Senior PH

The true creative soul of this company



Hancke Hudson


Specialized professional, 

South african


Theo De Marillac


Specialized professional, 

South african

Our Pygmy Dogs

Our pigmy childrens in the camp



Martin O. Neuper



Great person and indispensable collaborator

Douglas Stephenson


Your help and lessons were essential.


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Chelet Safaris is a member of IPHA. " The International Professional Hunters' Association (IPHA, associated with PHASA (South Africa) ), is one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the world. Born out of a get-together in 1967 in France and with a follow-up meeting in Monte Carlo in 1968, it was officially formed in 1969, and patterned in many aspects after the East African Professional Hunters' Association.It is the mission of the International Professional Hunters' Association and its worldwide members to advise, educate and facilitate public enjoyment of the natural world. IPHA embraces sound conservation practices, sustained utilization of renewable resources, access to public lands and ethical hunting practices. IPHA is pledged by its bylaws to insure the highest level of professionalism and integrity to the benefit of recreational sport hunters and outdoor enthusiasts around the world."



The PH´s Chelet, are a members of the important association of professional hunters A.C.P.
Older and reputed association of the Francophonie. 








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