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Cameroons Premier Hunting Outfitter

Cameroon Rain Forest

754,ooo Acres Across 3 Hunting Areas

Cameroon Rain Forest Hunting 


Due to the Complex Nature of Organizing a Hunt in Cameroon, we Have Provided a Brief Overview of the way it works. But Do not be Afraid, We are More then Happy to Help. With American, European, & African Offices to Handle the Entirity of Your Trip.


Hunting Requirements & Format:

Hunting on 1 x 1 base. Each professional hunter has his own vehicle and a team of trackers and carriers. All safaris are scheduled with one or maximum three hunters per camp.
 The 13 days safari are the hunting period you need to add 2 of travel days or more depending the chosen transport to the camp, in any case  we will provide you a full program of your safari.
Hunting season: From Middle of April to Middle of July. 
The HUNTING LICENSE allows harvesting of max 2 game species from group A and 4 from group B and C. It is illegal to double the same species, irrespective of the license taken.

For Big safaris (13/10 days), it is possible to update with a second license. 


* Government fees might be modified (increased) without prior notice. The outfitter cannot be held responsible for any such modification.


Class A (Big Game License)                      Class B and C

FOREST ELEPHANT                                 GIANT FOREST HOG

BONGO                                                         RED RIVER HOG

FOREST SITATUNGA                               PETER’S DUIKER

DWARF BUFALLO                                     BLUE DUIKER

                                                                        BAY DUIKER

                                                                        BLACK-FRONTED DUIKER

                                                                        BATE’S PIGMY ANTELOPE


The Hunting Method:

Hunting begins in the early morning hours and the quarry in approached by tracking. You will be hunting accompanied by a professional hunter with native trackers and porters. Hunting excursions are in special all-wheel drive vehicle, custom made and used only by hunters.

IN the afternoon short trips will be laid on.

Forest hunting is exciting and the local Pygmy people are excellent trackers.

Hunting is mainly on foot but also blinds settled near the edge of large clearings.


Our Camp:

The hunting camp in the concession is equipped with special tents or rooms for clients. The base camp features a lounge, a toilet are and the showers.

Services provided in camp: Single  or double rooms for clients, dunning room and lounge, showers and toilet, an area for vehicles, electric generator , fridges and freezers, trophy preparation are and staff quarters.

Camp Staff: The camp staff consists of a cook, waiter, laundry services, drivers and trackers. 


Travel Formalities:

  • Cameroun entry formalities and safari licensing requirements:
  • Valid passport.
  • Visa issued by the Cameroun Embassy.
  • Firearms Import Permit (obtained at the Embassy of Cameroun).
  • Medical certificate stating that you have good health and you have no problem for hunting.
  • International Yellow Cart that certifies that you had vaccination against yellow fever. 

Vaccination Requirements & Medicines:

In Cameroun the Fellow fever vaccination is obligatory and the preventive for malaria is necessary, you need to contact your doctor or the International health department in your country they will inform you about the vaccination in Cameroun.  Also you must take with you your Yellow card Vaccine, the border agents will request to you this document.


Booking the Flights:

They are several companies that take land in Douala.

  • Air France with scale in Paris (recommended because they have daily flights).
  • Brussels Airline with scale in Brussels
  • Royal Air Marroc with scale in Casablanca.

We recommend to flight to Douala two day before to the charter, to avoid delays with luggage arrival or the flight, normally, the luggage and the flights arrive on time.

Our company is not responsible for any flight cancellation, delays or charter fare changes.

It is important that you buy an open date’s flight ticket, it is important to be able to change the ticket in case of delays or in case you need to departure before.

  • Your international flight ticket is your responsibility, make sure to give us the right dates of arrival and departure as the itinerary of your safari will be organized upon the information you will provide us with*.
  • We suggest you subscribe to a travel / cancelation insurance policy when booking your flight, also covering your personal items against loss and theft, delivery delay.
  • We suggest you subscribe to a travel / repatriation medical plan when booking your flight*

Although we cannot be held responsible for any delays airlines companies may have, such affecting the itinerary of your safari with us, occasionally adding extra expenses to your trip. Although we will do our very best to accommodate you in every way we can, those potential expenses will be to your account.


Airport Assistant:

The airport assistant includes: booking your hotel in Douala, assistant in Doula Airport in the customs, transfer to the Hotel, next day transfer to the domestic flight and in your departure flight the assistant to transfer for the domestic flight to the international flight, please remember you are in Africa and specially in Cameroun, It is normal that people can request money, in your airport assistant is included tips and fees. In case, someone demands any money at your arrival or departure, we beg to not give any money and please inform us because we will do the reclamation to Douala manager. 


Rifles and Ammunitions:

Cameroon’s law allows importing two rifles per hunter. There is a limit of 50 bullets per rifle/shotgun as ammunition imported per hunter. Depending on the animals to be hunted, we recommend:

The best option is A 375 or 416 rifle with detachable scope and open sight. Ammunitions: 30 – soft / 10 – solid.

If you prefers do not take your rifle, we have a wide variety of rifles and the ammunition. 


Climate and  Closing: 

Rain forest climate is very humid, it rains very often, very warm at the middle day and the evenings can be refresh and, 85% humidity 4 Garden shears with a belt holster,3 Caps / Headbands,5  Sets of long sleeved shirts (green),5 Sets of pants (I recommend rip stop material and made of cotton),a pair or two of light gloves, 3 Pairs of canvas shoes (lace up high top),2 Pairs of gaiters (canvas),1 Pair of flipflops for camp use, 2 Pairs of shorts for camp, 3 Tee shirts or shirts for camp, Personal medical kit, Antimalaria tablets, Insect repellent, Head net, Headlamp or flashlight, Books / Movies, Ziploc freezer bags for cameras, and remember you have daily laundry service in the camp.



This is a very IMPORTANT point when planning a trip in Cameroun. Export your trophies can be very problematic in this part of Africa where weather conditions combined to often poor logistics can have devastating effects on your trophies. We proud ourselves to have this aspect of your safari well covered by offering you a much secured way to export your trophies anywhere in the world. All trophies from Cameroon normally transit first to France where they are shipped all over the world.


Trophy Export Includes:

Pretaxidermia as well as export preparation of all trophies.

All requested documents from Cameroun including trophy harvesting cerficates, Cite’s permit and veterinary certificate.

Packing, crating and deposit in Garoua Airpot

Not included in Trophy Export costs:

Custom Clearance in France, inspection, storage and shipping cost to final destination. When confirming your safari with us, we will put you in contact with our broker agent so no time will be wasted when forwarding your trophies to your final destination. A full quote will then be sent to you.


Typical Itinerary:

Based on the most used flights provided by AIR FRANCE (daily flights to DOUALA), and BRUSSELS AIRLINES (5 flights a week)

  • 1st day Arrival in Douala, meet host service at the custom lounge and night at the  Hotel
  • 2nd day Transfer Hotel to the airport to take charter to the forest.
  • Hunting days.

Last day departure from the camp to Doula with the charter and departure at late night from Douala with international flight. 




13 Day Hunt Package

Please Inquire, For Price, Availabilty, & All Further Questions. 


We are Happy to Provide Many Reccommendations, & Testimonials From our Nearly 20 Years, Providing the Best Hunting Experiences in Cameroon.   Email     


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