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Cameroon Rain Forest




Chelet Safaris puts a lot of effort into maintaining these camps, which are constantly exposed to nature. Wooden Bungalows provides good rooms with doble beds, mosquito nets and en-suite bathrooms.
The camp is equipped with a taxidermy area, a generator and housing for staff.
We have full Internet connection available in camp, via satellite which is included in our safari rate. However, telephone coveraqe is unreliable throughout the rain forest due to limited operators.


Chelet Safaris exclusive hunting areas in the Rain Forests of Cameroon are well known for Bongo, Sitatunga, Dwarf Forest Buffalo, Elephants, and Duiker. Totalling 754,000 Acres in size, with a 30 mile border on the Lobeke Park, the Rain Forest is sure to give you the hunt of a lifetime. 

Hunting takes place annually during the months of April, May and June. These are typically the months in which we experience higher volumes of rain fall which assists with the tracking of the animals.



The rainforest in Cameroon is a class hunting destination for Bongo, Pygmy Elephant, Dwarf Buffalo, Sitatunga and Rainforest Duikers.
This hunt would be unimaginable and nearly imposible without our Baka Pygmy trackers. We use the roads opened by logging companies, and which are maintained by our hunting company.
Every year, after clearing the rainforest, we hunt on these roads. All the bridges are constructed by our company and we clear the roads of hundred-year-old fallen trees.

Adventura 100% Garantee


Hunting the rain forest is an adventure, a once in a life time experience, the hunt that every hunter must do at least once. The rain forest offers the hunter many opportunities and some difficult days, where we depend on the excellent skills of our Pygmy trackers.

Hunting takes place annually during the months of April, May and June. These are typically the months in which we experience higher volumes of rain fall which assists with the tracking of the animals.
However, the amount of trophy animals in the hunting area makes it posible for us to have successful trophy hunts in all weather conditions.

The hunting concessions are all bordering to the Lobeke National
Park in Eastern Cameroon. A true sanctuary for all rain forest
The recommended calibers of rifles to be used in the rain forest
ranges from 375.416 and upwards.


An unique & memorable experience

Take a Look Through 21 Years of Incredible Trophies. With 100% Success on Bongos, now is the time to Experience the Hunt and Make the Type of Memories.

Photography and Conservation Wild Life


Our concessions have a large population of Gorillas and Chimpanzees. On your expedition you will often have the pleasure of encountering Gorillas. Although more exclusive, we still have the rare privilege of spotting some chimpanzees. The population of these species has increased exponentially in recent years, highly motivated by conservation financed by Chelet Safaris, and the awareness of the Government of Cameroon.

The sight of these majestic creatures can also be enjoyed by any companion you may bring along on your safari.

The biodiversity on the concessions include 45 species of
mammals, 305 species of birds and 215 species of butterfly. You will have the opportunity to observe the behavior of wild animals during the hours they feed in the clearings.


About us

Experience! Adventure! Hunting!

Owned and operated by the Chelet Family for the past two decades, Chelet Safaris stands as West Africa's premier operator, specializing in Bongo, Eland, and all other Western African trophies. With two decades of knowledge, experience, and the ability to deliver a five-star experience, we are your top choice.

Our team of hunters has been with us from the very beginning, ensuring an authentic hunting experience. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible collaborators: Franz Coupé, Martin Neuper, Hancke Hudson, Vincent Citerne, Douglas Stephanson, and other outstanding professional hunters in Africa.


**Conservation & Sustainability**

Our highly effective programs for anti-poaching and sustainability have led to massive success, resulting in a healthy game population and, more importantly, improved lives in the villages surrounding our hunting areas with each hunting trip. We are gearing up for substantial investments in conservation for the 2024 season.

To support an efficient year-round anti-poaching campaign and promote the value of wildlife to the villagers in and around our hunting blocks in Cameroon, we will collect a fee of 15% of the above trophy fees for these programs under our direct supervision. These programs have been implemented in all our hunting areas, and we've witnessed the remarkable benefits of direct funding in enhancing the overall quality of the hunting experience for our clients.


José Chelet Jr.


Managing Director

José Chelet

Senior PH

Soul of Chelet Safaris

Ximo Marza Chelet

PH Collaborator

Savanna & Rain Forest

Martin O. Neuper

Invaluable Collaborator & Friend


Hancke Hudson


South African


Franz Coupe



Chelet Safaris is a member of IPHA. The International Professional Hunters' Association. IPHA embraces sound conservation practices, sustained utilization of renewable resources, access to public lands and ethical hunting practices.

The PH´s of Chelet Safaris, are members of the important association of professional hunters A.C.P. Oldest & most Reputed Association of the Francophonie.

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